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Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors Reviews And Specifications On Tracker IV, VLF Detector and Others

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Bounty Hunter Tracker iv Metal Detector

bounty hunter tracker iv metal detector

Tracker IV – Street Price $160 – Beginner coin and relic

Two-tone audio discrimination separates pull tabs from coins and silver. Streamlined in appearance, with only two operating controls and a mode selection switch, the Tracker IV has eliminated the most difficult aspect of metal detector operation: Ground balancing. With built-in Automatic Ground Trac, the Tracker IV balances for mineralization while you detect. Each has a sensitivity adjustment and motion all-metal mode, along with an 8″, waterproof coil system. Every unit has a low-battery indicator, an internal speaker system and S-rod handle system.

“I’ve been using the Tracker IV now for 7 months and have been amazed by what I’ve found so far. Best finds include an 1890 IH penny, 1842 large cent, and a 3 ring civil war bullet. 14 silver coins, silver jewelry, and numerous wheat pennies have been found as well. This detector can be swung for hours. You’ll tire from digging before you will swinging! Easy to pinpoint with if you swing the coil over the target several times and mentally mark the spot of ground where you hear the tone. I dig mostly high repeatable tones, thus the lack of gold finds. Seems to find nickels better with discrimination turned down around 10 o’clock on the dial. Pulltabs also start ringing in clear at that setting though.
Depth has not been an issue with me. It is advertised as being able to find coin sized objects at 8″. I’ve managed 6-7″ with most older finds at 4-5″. As with any detector, moist ground will give you alot more depth than hard packed dry soil. The few drawbacks to this detector that I’ve found depth indicator ( meter is useless..imho), lack of target id., and falsing when bumped against tall grass or saplings.”

“Really happy with this detector. It’s very light and easy to use. Took only a few minutes to assemble and read the manual. Went straight out in my backyard under clothes line and found $4in coin. Find coins every time I go out and are easily finding enough small change to keep myself in batteries. Have also found a pre-decimal coin, a ring and plenty of interesting stuff.The headphones are great, most people ignore you when you are wearing them which is great. Would recommend this detector to any beginner or experienced hunter.”

Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector

bounty hunter fast tracker metal detector

Fast Tracker – Street Price $130 – Beginner, coin

Will detect in extreme ground conditions from saltwater beaches to highly mineralized inland sites with no operator adjustments to the circuitry and with no loss of sensitivity. Extremely simple offering 2-tone target identification for fun, easy discriminate capability.
Automatic ground balancing to help “see through” ground materials.
Easy to understand operation gets you started right away.
2-Tone audio feedback so you can discover valuables and discard unwanted items.
Headphone jack with 1/4″ plug can be used with most headphones.

“I originally bought the Fast Tracker for my son, but the discrimination is so good I can see myself using it also. The discrimination is as about as good as any thing out there. The Fast Tracker is simple to use. There are only two controls to think about – Sensitivity and Discrimination. I was able to turn the sensitivity to maximum without any falsing. The discrimination can be set so that pull tabs give kind of broken tone and most everything else of value gives a high or low tone. Iron will only give a short pop or no sound at all if you set it that way. The depth is only about 5 inches, but I attribute this to the smaller 7″ coil. A larger 8″ coil will probably give better depth. The discrimination can be turned off to put the Fast Tracker in ALL METAL mode. There is no toggle switch for all metals so you will need to mark the dial setting to return to your favorite discrimination setting.
Pros -
Excellent discrimination – as good as anything else out there
Easy to use
Very lightweight and comfortable
Low Price – anyone can get into the hobby
5 Year Warranty
Cons -
The shaft is a little wobbly, but I could see no effect on the performance.
The depth was not as good as advertised 5″ vs. 7″
There is no low battery indicator – I have heard that the newest Fast Trackers have an audible low battery warning.
For the money, this model has surprising performance. It is worth what I paid for it. The Fast Tracker is a good beginner model or an extra detector to have around to let a friend or family use when you want to take them hunting.”

“Well, I don’t have a bunch of experience with more expensive metal detecters, but this little detector seems great value for money (purchased on Amazon for $80). The first thing I did after putting in the batteries was head out into my back yard with two dimes to see if I could detect them easily when buried. Buried one around 4″ deep, left the other on the surface in the grass and found both easily. I also found another dime a few feet away.
Taking it to the beach I found its weak spot…black sand. Even with the sensitivity turned way down and discrimination turned up it still gave a lot of false bleeps and pops. It worked well in sand a little way in from the beach black sand deposits though, at our campsite we found a bunch of rusty tent pegs, bolts, a couple of coins, an old rusty iron stake and a lot of melted aluminum.The kids enjoyed using this detector and it seems fairly robust so we will be taking it on all our family outings.”

Bounty Hunter vlf Metal Detector

bounty hunter vlf metal detector

Lightweight and adjustable in size, young and old alike will delight in hours of productive detecting. Iron relics, coins and household items as well as precious metals like silver and gold won’t escape Bounty Hunter’s VLF Metal Detector.
Automatic tuning and ground balance.
Power and sensitivity control.
Trash eliminator control to remove most undesirable items from detection.
Motion-all-metal mode for detecting all types of metal making it a good gold metal detector.

“The price is great, it worked great right out of the box and is good if you are looking for white metal detectors. It is easy to figure out how to use it – I was out in the yard finding bits of metal, etc. 20 minutes after I unpacked it. I purchased one for myself, and one for a gift for my brother.”

“This product works very well for the amount of money that it costs. For anyone who is a hobbyist this is a perfect tool for what you need. It seems to be sensitive enough to pick up items that you would think would be out of reach of it, but it will surprise you. Great value for the money.”

Bounty Hunter Detectors QUICK SILVER

bounty hunter metal detectors

Bounty Hunter Detectors QUICK SILVER
Fully automatic ground balance with Squelch-Tech® eliminates false signals.
Push-button discrimination and one-touch depth control makes it easier to use.
Four segment digital target identification and three tone audio feedback.
Easy view LCD display is readable at varying distances.

“I bought this for my husband for a christmas present. We havent really gone outside to try it out much because the weather has been freezing cold for a few months and nobody wants to be out in it. But we did try it out around the house to see if it works, and like the instructions say it is able to tell the difference between objects. We placed coins, nails, a soda tab and my wedding ring on the floor and it was able to tell what they were on the monitor. I recommend this to anyone who is beginning with metal detecting.”

“I had lost my wedding band while spreading mulch around the house and I decided to try a metal detector to find it before replacing the ring. After doing some research on metal detectors, I decided the Bounty Hunter model was a reasonably priced investment for the search. It was easy to assemble and use and I was able to locate the lost ring after about 15 minutes of searching (I did have a general idea of the location of where the ring had gotten lost and it was only an inch or so under the surface).”

Use the menu on the right to select a brand and read metal detector reviews and specifications also videos are available for some models. If you would like to write a review or a comment please use the form at the foot of the page and it will be published on this site after being reviewed.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

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