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Fisher Metal Detectors Reviews Specifications and Detector Images Plus Gold Bug Review

Here you can find Fisher users metal detector reviews and specifications on various models plus access other brands including the popular Bounty Hunter Metal Detector and compare them.

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Fisher Metal Detectors

fisher metal detectors

Fisher F5

7.8 kHz frequency – good for coin shooting,
relic hunting, and casual gold prospecting.
Frequency shift for eliminating electrical interference and crosstalk.
Advanced software-based motion discrimination with notch for searching
trashy areas.
All metal autotune mode for deep-searching
in non-trashy areas.
Visual target ID by category & 0-99 indication, both discrimination & autotune modes.
Target ID confidence bargraph.
High-resolution manual ground balance with continuous ground readout.
Ground balance range goes all the way to salt.
Continuous display of ground mineral concentration and phase.
Push-button static pinpoint with variable audio pitch and visual depth reading.
Independent gain and threshold knobs provide complete control over sensitivity.
Standard 10″ elliptical concentric open center searchcoil.
Two 9-volt alkaline batteries last approximately 40 hours.

“The F5 has good depth in my area. I’ve used a lot of metaldetectors over the years and this one will hang with the best of them. I’d say the same depth as the Garrett 1500 and 2500 in disc mode and every bit as deep as the Whites XLT and DFX in preset programs for that fact better then the DFX in it’s preset programs. I don’t think someone new to detecting will pick this detector up for awhile so take your time a learn your detector.
There is a learning curve! All the info you will need is right in front of you. In fact this detector gives you more real time info then any detector I’ve used and I’ve been at it since 1993. Depth wise I hit a quater at 8 inches and it rang out loud and clear I think it could take one at 10 inches no problem.”

“I read Jerry in Oklahoma’s review and I felt compelled to share my opinion of this detector.

Jerry said he can only get accurate target ID down to 4″ on a penny. If that’s the case, it’s one of three things:
1. User Error
2. Really bad (highly mineralized) ground
3. A defective machine

My experience has been that the target ID is accurate on smaller coins to 6″. I’ve found two silver dimes at 6″ and both hit solidly in the coin range. My deepest finds so far have been a 8″ Mercury Dime and a 8″ 1942 (non-silver) nickel. The Mercury was an iffy signal and I thought it was probably junk before I dug it, with ID numbers all over the map from 30′s on up.

This is very good depth for a midprice detector. And that’s honest depth, not “my Explorer found a half dime at 12 inches” b.s. If that extra inch or so of depth you can get with a high end detector is important to you, you might want to go with the F5′s higher priced brothers the F70 or F75 which are considered by many to be as deep as any machines out there.

In my area the Fe3O4 meter almost always reads two bars when I’m over clean ground so my soil is lightly moderate. Except in the trashiest areas I’m able to run the detector hot – a setting I often use is threshold at 0 and gain at 90.

An interesting thing about this detector, and something that takes getting used to, is when I run the detector hot and hold it still it will chatter and the ID numbers will jump all over the place. But when I swing the detector the chattering and jumping display numbers go away. The detector is stabilized by the movement. I’ve gotten used it, but in the beginning it was very annoying when I put the detector down to retrieve targets and it kept chattering unless the controls were turned down or headphones removed.

More important than the stellar depth, the recovery speed and target separation are phenomenal. And the interface is functionally superb with the stubby knobs and a lot of information right in front of you.

Yes, I really like this detector a lot. But here’s what I don’t like:
1. Fisher markets this as a simple to use detector, no doubt to appeal to the Cabelas shopping newbies. But the F5 has a lot of horsepower so to speak, and a lot going on under and above the hood. I don’t think this is the best choice for a first detector. There is a definite learning curve made even longer by…
2. An absolutely terrible instruction manual loaded with mistakes. To get the manual corrections go the Findmall Fisher forum and search for Mike Hillis’ manual corrections post. Mike is an F5 guru and you can learn a lot by reading his archived posts. Hopefully Fisher has come out with a corrected manual by now.
3. The build quality is solid enough but the ID display covering is a very flimsy plastic. After about 10 hours of use I was getting enough scratches on it to realize that if I didn’t do something I’d be lucky to be able to read the display at 100 hours. So I got a sheet of thin clear plastic, cut it to size and attached it on the sides with gaffers tape. That’s worked well to protect the display.
4. No extra coils yet. The stock 5X10 is an excellent all-purpose coil, but it would be nice to have some extra coils available. Fisher says they’re coming soon, we’ll see.

The more I use this detector, the more I like it”

fisher metal detector

Fisher Detector 1266x

TURN-ON-AND-GO. Easy to use, just turn on and go. No extras but lots of performance and the features that really count.
STEREO HEADPHONE JACK: This jack accepts most stereo and mono head-phones with 1/4″ diameter plugs.
ON/OFF – TRASH REJECTION CONTROL: All metals are detected when turned to zero. Most small pieces of metal trash are rejected at the maximum level of ten. Most ground minerals are ignored at all settings.

Automatic ground rejection and tuning
Silent, no threshold operation
VLF Slow-motion discrimination
Full range discrimination control
1/4″ Stereo/mono headphone jack
Patented double derivative electronics
Only 2.9 pounds
Flexon grip
Only one 9 volt transistor battery
Simple one-knob operation
Low price
5 Year Warranty

“I have been detecting since 1971. Owned a lot of different detectors. Never owned any easier to use. One knob does it all. I bought it because I didn’t want to drag the more expensive detector through the bushes, mud and rocks. Several thousand coins later, including Indians, seated and silver I cant find much to complain about. Other detectors may go deeper or discriminate better but I dont think you can find a better basic detector.”

“I bought this one off ebay for my oldest boy. He wanted to get into this hobby bad. It is perfect! It is light, works great and does not eat 9 volts! It is simple on knob. It detects anything and will go pretty deep! I paid $79 and I think it was money well spent. It works on wet grass just as well as dry grass. It finds brass, copper, gold, silver, tin, bronze etc……The discrimination knob works well. It fits me at 6’2″ and my 9 year old which is about 5′ tall.”

fisher detectors

Fisher Detectors the ID Edge

Deep, Accurate Target ID
4-Tone, Digital Audio Target ID
Numeric target ID on illuminated LCD display
Multi-use, “Do-It-All” detector with 3 program modes:
Old Coins • Modern Coins • Gold Jewelry
Fast Automatic Ground Balance at the push of a button!
Notch Discrimination to eliminate unwanted trash!
Adjustable Discrimination, Sensitivity, and Volume at your fingertips!
Deep-seeking ALL METAL mode
Precision, no-motion pinpointing with numeric target readout
Constant Control Readout – no confusing menu to check DISC and SENS
Lightweight and Hip-mountable
Three Piece Breakdown Handle
ON/OFF – power
MENU – push to adjust the DISCRIMINATION, VOLUME, or SENSITIVITY (the UP and DOWN arrow keys adjust these levels)
PINPOINT – push and hold for precision pinpointing. Push and release to exit the NOTCH, MENU, or FP (preset) mode
NOTCH – push to select from Foil, Nickel, Pull-tab, or Zinc Penny notches.
AUTO fast automatic ground balance
MODE (down arrow key) – push to toggle between:
ID discrimination mode with 4 tone audio & high resolution numeric target ID
True ALL-Metal mode with single tone & high resolution numeric target ID
FP (up arrow key) push to toggle between programmed target modes:
Old Coin and Relic hunting mode
Modern Coin hunting mode
Jewelry hunting mode

“I was very happy to see that Fisher upped the performance ante of the ID Edge over the Excel. While a very good detector, I felt the Excel lacked a little in depth compared to other detectors in its price range. While not quite in the same league with top of the line units, the ID Edge has more than sufficient depth in most ground conditions to handle 90% of my hunting needs.
Considerable use at old and new sites proved it sufficiently deadly at picking up those iffy signals in trash/iron to put it in the upper echelon of coin detectors. While hot on coins, I was also pleased to see that Fishers engineers were able to tune it for above average sensitivity to small low conductive targets. This kind of sensitivity to small low conductors is seldom seen with lower frequency “coin” detectors. When compared against another new ID detector to come out recently, in ground useage showed the Edge to read the small bits solidly in the low numbers range without the bouncing readings from iron to foil that the other detector displayed despite its slightly higher operating frequency.
My hunting is split between land sites in spring/fall and shallow fresh water wading during the summer months so it was nice to see that Fisher made the Edge chest mountable, an ability the Excel lacked and was sorely missed by me.
Fresh water wading requires a detector that is able to handle a wide variety of conditions. Whether hunting on deep sand lake bottoms, mixed sand and gravel bottoms or sand/clay the Edge handled it with no apparent problems. On occasion I did find it necessary to reduce the sensitivity to 6 to enable the detector to ground balance in the water. However, after the auto ground balance procedure I was always able to increase the sensitivity to near maximum with the detector operating totally stable.
Fresh water wading requires a detector that is able to handle a tremendous amount of iron. This is an area where I found that the ID Edges big brother the Coins$trike faltered. Iron responses are amplified greatly in the water and the C$ circuits are unable to handle this increased signal strength. The Edge on the other hand handles the same conditions with seeming ease.
Others have pointed out some problems with the ID Edges control interface. The pushbuttons are a little odd in their tactile response I admit. That aside, IMO Fisher engineers did an excellent job where it counts. On land or shallow wading the ID Edge shows it has “the right stuff”

fisher metal detector cz5

Fisher Metal Detector CZ

Go anywhere, do anything, with the all-weather target ID machine that’s leak proof to 250 feet deep, the Fisher CZ-21 Quicksilver metal detector. Its patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water, plus, it offers three tones to identify varying types of metal with faint-target audio boost.
POWER ON/OFF VOLUME: Dual Function potentiometer switch. Volume settings above “5” amplifyfaint, deep target sounds and limit loud target responses.
SENS/BATTERY TEST: Dual Function potentiometer and switch.
GROUND: TWIN LED’s: Two light emitting diodes indicate signal strength and battery condition.
PINPOINT: Dual function pushbutton for pinpointing and ground balancing when used in conjuctionwith GROUND control.
Submersible to 250 feet
Dual frequency Fourier Domain signal analysis
Silent search, VLF, slow motion discrimination
Wide scan, all-metal autotune mode
Pusbbutton, VCO no motion, precise pinpointing
Turn-on-and-go, pre set controls
Big target alert
Wet sand operation
Faint target audio boost
Pushbutton ground balance
Increased depth in mineralized soil
Seperately sealed battery compartment
Removable control housing for belt mount

“I’ve been using the CZ5 now for about a year. It is the best coin machine bar none. It consistantly out performs the Coinstrike & CZ70pro. Its truely a nickel magnet. Its ashame that they replaced this unit with the CZ3d after all these years. I think it was a big mistake, but mistakes are made all the time with the intent to improve something that doesn’t need improving.”

“I think the cz5 is one of the best detecters out there. I have bought and tried so many new models that come out and always end up selling them and going back to my good old cz5. I put mine on a strap and put it over my shoulder, I don’t think it is heavy at all that way, and I have a bad back. I see someone up above said it was heavy, I never heard that before from anyone. If a guy don’t hip or chest or shoulder mount it might be a little heavy, for use older guys anyway.
All around it is a great detecter, the only complaint I would have is it does like nails, until a guy gets good and used to it, that might be the main thing to grip about. But it depends where you hunt and also like I said, after you get used to it a guy can pretty much tell if it is a nail or not.
It is a real good Nickel finder, maybe the best I have ever used. All and all I would say the meter is about 90% correct, which is pretty good considering all the hundreds if not thousands of different items out there we pick up on the ground. This is just my own opinion of this detector after using it and always goning back to it.”

fisher gold bug

Fisher Gold Bug

Like the original Fisher Gold Bug metal detector, the Fisher Gold Bug-2 is designed mainly as a gold metal detector. It offers extraordinary sensitivity, ultra-high frequency (the highest operating frequency on the market), iron-discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio-boost and the ability to operate in extremely mineralized soil with a 3-position mineralization switch. Backed by Fisher’s 5 Year Warranty.

Powerful 71kHz Operation for extreme
sensitivity to small gold nuggets
“IRON DISC” mode rejects iron (trash)
targets and hot rocks.
Resistant to dust and moisture.
Boosts audio signal of small and deep targets
Convertible to hipmount or chest mount
Weighs only 2.9 lbs.
Quartz-crystal locked electronics.
Takes only two, drop-in, 9-V batteries
Dual-knob ground control for coarse and
fine adjustment.

“This is an excellent VHF detector. It is very sensitive to small gold. I have dug “nuggets” that weighed in at 1/10th of a grain. It is easy to use and easy to ground balance. It has not meter so you must learn what the sounds the detector makes are telling you. It has an Iron discriminate switch that I have found to be very accurate. I had a Whites XLT and loved it thus
I purchased a Whites GoldMaster 4B and I hated it because the coil was very eratic and gave many false readings. The Gold Bug 2 has been great and has produced many nuggets – from the very small to the fairly good sized. Overall in my opinion — it is a great gold detector that is simple, light and easy to use.”

“Although iI would not recamend this detector for a first detect unless knowing the general concepts of metal detectors and the way they respond under certain conditions,it is a very good detector for finding gold so small that its almost not worth picking up and can be used for treasure hunting.
If your looking for a very sensitive machine that is very light and fairly easy to use once you get over the basics than I think its one of the best metal detector products out there.”

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Fisher Metal Detectors

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