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Radio Shack Metal Detector Reviews and Specifications

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Radio Shack Metal Detector

radio shack metal detector 2200discovery 2200
Use this professional-style metal detector to find buried treasure of your own! Discrimination and notch controls let you minimize response to items like pull tabs, while boosting indications to potentially valuable objects. Plus, the LCD readout indicates the type of metal being detected.
Locates coins and many other metal objects for depths up to 9 inches
8″ waterproof search coil is submersible in fresh or salt water
Listen to speaker or plug your headphones into the 1/4″ jack to hear subtle responses more easily
Automatic ground balance adjustment–no need to change settings when you change search areas
Low-battery indicator
Adjustable shaft with armrest
Extra-lightweight materials for longer hunting time


“I bought this device for one purpose and only have used it for that purpose – and it performed wonderfully. I lost my wedding ring when I was roto-tilling my garden – had no clue where exactly I lost it. So, I looked up prices of metal detectors and decided this would be a good value. 20 minutes after we got it set up, we had found the ring in the middle of the garden, under about 2 inches of dirt. Thanks, Discovery 2200″

“So seldom does something perform up to ones expectations or the hype of advertisement-but this thing really works! I especially like the discriminating function. The instructions are clear and concise and set-up is a breeze.”

radio shack metal detectors 1100

discovery 1100
Adjustable tones of this discriminating metal detector give you a special sound for different types of metal, such as gold, or nickels and other coins. One mode rejects most trash items, while another detects all metals including iron objects that would normally be rejected in the discrimination modes.
Metal detector with 3-tone target identification lets you choose what you want to find
Display shows coin depth, up to 6″
3-tone target identification
Comfort hand grip
Squelch-Tech™ noise reduction circuitry
Touch pad with all-digital controls
Automatic ground balance adjustment
1/4″ headphone jack (headphone not included)
Interchangeable coil system
7″ open-face waterproof search coil
Adjustable, padded arm rest
Adjustable aluminum stem

“I couldn’t believe that I could get a great quality metal detector at such a low price! Most others of this quality cost thousands. In one short day, I found tons of things up to 8 inches deep in just my backyard”

“Just after receiving this metal detector, I tried it out in my backyard. In a few short minutes, I had found a sterling silver ring and a dime seven inches in the ground! I couldn’t believe that it found things as small as dimes and rings and as deep as seven inches”

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Radio Shack Metal Detector

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